This is for

This is to all my gays and to all of my girls.
This is for the divas dying for diamonds and pearls
To all of my pimps and hoes, liars, friends and foes.
This is for all of my homeboys and all of you cunts that I hate.
This is for mum and dad, for being great.

All of these words are for my brothers in blonde,
This is for Jesus, Buddah, Elvis and for eternal life.
To all of my fans in some asian far away land.
This is for every teenage boy making love to his hand.

This is for girls with black coloured hair,
and for older men with younger wives.
This verse is for you who are living in sin.
And for you who are loving your ebony skin.

Thank you Balls, this one's for you.
This is for your inspiration and for your guts.
This is for all of you psychos and for you who dare to go nuts.

This is for all of you trannies, you freaks of nature.
This is to all you geeks who'll never mature.
A shout out to all the non existing normal people
And this is for all of you kinky english nannies.

God, this row's for you 'cause you're The Man.
This is for India, this is for Egypt and the US of A.
This is to all of you little creeps who'll never obey.
These words are for all you saints and for girls in hotpants.
This is for pornstars, this is for human behaviour
This is for you, sailor.

This is for all the unborn babies,
for all of the "what if's" and "maybe's"
This is all for you fatties and for the feelings that you eat.
This is for you guys with small dicks and big feet.

Every word is for you who jumps ahead,
and for you who wish you were dead.
Don't give up buttercup.
Cause this one's for you and your greasy hair.
And this one's for you who just dont care.

//Robert 2011

2 kommentarer:

Patrik Petersson sa...

Sv. Det har jag och det är bra med mig :D Sj?

Patrik Petersson sa...

Sv. Det låter riktigt härligt =D Men nu ska jag faktiskt sova =D