Great People

Just like James, you said you’d go on,
In a clean t-shirt and prove the world wrong.
Just a little too fast, a little too soon
Live quick, die undone

Great people die young,
Come and give the world something to remember
Nothing in between
Great people never look back and never ahead
They live for a short second, then they’re dead.

A minute of fun, then you’re done.
Never have to change your shoes,
One pair is all that it takes, clean white sneakers
Then move on,

Great people die young
Give the world a new face to miss, something for the books.
Let them remember all the drugs you took.
Great people don’t turn twenty seven,
They party for some time, then they’re off to heaven.

Great people never speculate
Great people never have the time to hesitate
They smile and love on silver screens
Great people are great because they live their dreams

2 kommentarer:

Mandy sa...

Wow did you write this? Sry I found you through lookbook

Robbie J sa...

haha, yeah. I wrote it! =)